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The Episodikal PodcastMarch 27, 2023
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Worthy to expand

In this episode, we did our best to recap the latest news starting with the earthquakes in Turkey, manipulations with the earthquakes data, people raising against YouTube censorship followed by the resignation of Susan Wojcicki, UFOs, weather balloons and other ways to distract attention from what really matters, and our predictions of AI taking over the IT industry coming true. We also got some exciting news from our friend Robby Wells who decided to run for president of the USA on the platform of Creative Society.

Forum “Global Crisis. Our Survival is in Unity”, November 12, 2022

Diary of the Last Human on Earth | Short Film

Wag the Dog (1997) - IMDb

Robby Wells for President

International Online Forum “Global Crisis. There is a Way Out”, April 22, 2023

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