Unexpected benefits of going green
The Episodikal PodcastOctober 23, 2023
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Unexpected benefits of going green

Can we afford to ignore the harsh realities of climate change any longer? As we unravel the tragedy that unfolded in Lahaina, Hawaii, we make the unsettling yet important connection between global crises and the government's inertia. Drawn towards new wars, the government's delay in action led to unnecessary loss of lives, glaringly highlighting our unpreparedness for disasters. We underscore the call from scientists and volunteers for repurposing the army from a tool of destruction to one of salvation, a plea that has largely fallen on deaf ears.

Our denial and our resistance to change are equally responsible for the climate crisis. Do we choose short-term comfort over long-term survival? Within the complex labyrinth of denial, we confront our own fears and reluctance to establish a world founded on different ideals. Reflecting on the tragic incidents in Libya and Lahaina, we challenge you to question what you fear to lose by embracing such a transformation.

All this and much more, including the now famous “green zones” announced at the National online conference “Global Crisis. America at the Crossroads 2024” - censored by YouTube, so be sure to watch it while you can!

We end on a sobering note, painting a grim picture of a deteriorating society, left in the clutches of indifference and apathy. Take San Francisco, a city that has transformed into a lifeless shell due to mismanagement and misplaced spending priorities. Ghost towns, looming climatic disasters, a residential tower on the brink of collapse - isn't it time to break the convenient silence? We call on you, our listeners, to take charge and make a difference in addressing the critical challenges we face today. Let's strive to bring light back into our cities and our lives.

GLOBAL CRISIS. AMERICA AT THE CROSSROADS 2024 | National Online Conference | October 7, 2023

GLOBAL CRISIS. AMERICA AT THE CROSSROADS 2024 | National Online Conference

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