The future in the rearview mirror
The Episodikal PodcastMarch 29, 2024
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The future in the rearview mirror

In this episode of The Episodikal Podcast, we embark on a journey through the meteoric rise of AI, revisiting the moment it transitioned from a distant dream to a profound reality.

We delve into AI's impact on creative professions, highlighting its dual role as both an enhancer and a challenge to human creativity. Further, we explore the imperative shift needed to leverage AI against the pressing threats of climate change, advocating for sustainable technology as a scientific priority. Reflecting on the dual-edged nature of AI, this episode serves as a clarion call for collective action and unity in the face of a looming climate apocalypse. Join us in this not just a conversation, but a rally for change, urging all to heed the call and act towards forging a better future.

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