Now, it's your turn
The Episodikal PodcastDecember 31, 2023
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Now, it's your turn

As the waves of an unexpected disaster swept away a friend’s home, the harsh reality of our climate's fragility hit closer than ever. Our latest conversation ventures into the emotional and complex world of the climate crisis, where personal tales of loss interweave with the pressing need for public awareness and emergency preparedness. We steer clear of the sugar-coated narratives, instead opting for a raw and unfiltered look at the issues at hand. From the sobering reflections at “Global Crisis. The Responsibility” forum to the myths shattered by real-life solidarity in the face of disaster, we navigate the pressing urgency that calls for immediate action and readiness.

Who would have thought that cosmic rays and Earth's core could be part of a conversation that also tackles the myths of overpopulation and the vision of a Creative Society? We bring in diverse perspectives, challenging the mainstream climate change discourse, and offer a plunge into the scientific debates that could reshape our understanding of Earth's changes. Innovative ideas like fuel-free generators, inspire with possibilities that extend far beyond the traditional scope of environmental policy. This episode isn't just a discussion; it's a launchpad for societal transformation, spurred by the inspiring potential of human ingenuity and a unified effort.

Wrapping up our journey, the power of Creative Society stands as a beacon of hope. We're not just yearning for the simplicity of bygone days; we're advocating for a quantum leap in human civilization. An era where the value of human life supersedes all, where centuries of healthy living could be our reality, and where the realization of unlimited scientific potential is within our grasp. Join us as we paint an inspiring vision—a society where fear is replaced by the motivation to build a safer, equitable world for everyone.

Global Crisis. The Responsibility | International Online Forum | EDITED VERSION

Global Crisis. The Responsibility | December 2, 2023, simultaneous interpreting into 100 languages

GLOBAL CRISIS. AMERICA AT THE CROSSROADS 2024 | National Online Conference | October 7, 2023

GLOBAL CRISIS. AMERICA AT THE CROSSROADS 2024 | National Online Conference

International Online Forum “Global Crisis. There is a Way Out”, April 22, 2023

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