(S)elective blindness
The Episodikal PodcastSeptember 04, 2023
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(S)elective blindness

Are you ready to unmask the reality of ignoring the real causes of climate change? This episode is a wake-up call to the alarming realities we’re facing – from the escalating climate crisis evidenced by the Lahaina wildfires and unusual hurricane Dora in Hawaii, to Egon Cholakian's urgent address to the scientific community and world leaders. We challenge the selective blindness that allows this worsening situation to persist, dissecting the environmental, social, and economic impacts that are too often overlooked.

We don't shy away from the hard questions either. How are the rapid advancements in tech impacting your livelihood? How does student loan debt and job security in an age of automation shape our society? Furthermore, how is it possible to create safety, prosperity, and freedom in such trying times? To address these questions, we explore the potential of the Creative Society's framework and its role in redefining our economic landscape if we choose it.

We also scrutinize the destructive forces of wind and sand in the Middle East, hailstorms, and the rising ocean temperatures. Potential solutions, like extracting water from the air and cleaning up ocean microplastics, are put under the microscope too.

Wrapping up our discussion, we reflect on the pandemic of idiocracy that has gripped people's minds, emphasizing the importance of critically verifying information. Don't miss out on this insightful episode as we tackle these issues head-on, armed with knowledge, empathy, and the will to enact change.

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