The unholy alliance
The Episodikal PodcastJuly 27, 2023
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The unholy alliance

In this episode, we talked about the international online conference "Global Crisis. Who is Jesus Christ to Us?" From distorted religious teachings to the controversial image of Mother Teresa and other shocking revelations, we recount the uncomfortable truths that were laid bare. 

Remember the 8 Foundations of the Creative Society? Some have tried to brand them as extremist information. We tear down these baseless allegations and expose the dark hands that pull the strings behind the scenes, drawing the parallels between Jesus's historical persecution and the attacks on the Creative Society volunteers.

Global Crisis. Who Is Jesus Christ to Us? | International Online Conference, July 22, 2023
International Online Forum “Global Crisis. There is a Way Out”, April 22, 2023
How high-profile scientists felt tricked by group denying climate change
REVELATION | Creative Society
New York bound Delta Airlines flight makes emergency landing in Rome

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